How to easily convert Tab Separated File (.TSV) to Comma Separate File (.CSV)

If you use Linux or Mac, converting tab separated file into comma separated file is very easy. Of course, if you are a programmer, you can write some code to read the tsv and spit the output into csv. But this linux command comes very handy and is quick.

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$ cat somefile.tsv | tr "\\t" "," &gt; somefile.csv

Japanese National Anthem Kimigayo – Smartphone App


Latest Version:
1.3 – Release on 2013-11-20

About this android app:
This japanese app by Sanjaal Corps lets you play the beautiful Japanese National Anthem “Kimigayo Wa” on your phone. The voice is crystal clear with a high quality mp3 and the app looks great. We have provided the lyrics in variety of forms – Japanese, Romanized English and Translated English. App also contains the history and further information of the anthem in addition to the musical note.

Please note that the User Interface is in English – so anyone from around the globe can download the app and be able to use it. This app is completely free but contains advertisement. If you get offended with the advertisements, we urge you not to install this app.

SDK Support:
This app supports android devices with sdk 2.2 and above

Google Market Link:

Contact Us:
If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please contact us by sending us an email to contact AT sanjaal DOT com







About Japanese National Anthem:
“Kimigayo” is the national anthem of Japan and the world’s oldest lyrics in a national anthem. From 1868 to 1945, it served as the national anthem of the Empire of Japan. With a length of 11 measures and 32 characters, “Kimigayo” is also one of the world’s shortest national anthems currently in use. Its lyrics are based on a waka poem written in the Heian period (794-1185), sung to a melody written in the imperial period (1868-1945). The current melody was chosen in 1880, replacing an unpopular melody composed eleven years earlier. While the title “Kimigayo” is usually translated as His Majesty’s Reign, no official translation of the title nor lyrics has ever been established by law.

Prior to 1945, “Kimigayo” served as the national anthem of the Empire of Japan, however, when the Empire of Japan was dissolved following its surrender at the end of World War II, its parliamentary democracy successor state, the State of Japan, replaced it in 1945, the polity therefore changed from a system based on imperial sovereignty to one based on popular sovereignty. However, Emperor Hirohito was not dethroned, and “Kimigayo” was retained as the de facto national anthem, only becoming legally recognized as the official national anthem in 1999, with the passage of Act on National Flag and Anthem.

Since Japan’s period of parliamentary democracy began, there has been controversy over the performance of the “Kimigayo” anthem at public ceremonies. Along with the Japanese Hinomaru flag, “Kimigayo” has been claimed by those critical of it to be a symbol of Japanese nationalism, imperialism and militarism, with debate over whether “Kimigayo”, as a remnant of the Empire of Japan’s imperialist past, is compatible with a contemporary Japanese parliamentary democracy. Thus, the essential points of the controversies regarding the Hinomaru flag and “Kimigayo” are whether they express praise or condemnation to the Empire of Japan and whether the Empire of Japan (pre-1945) and postwar Japan (post-1945) are the same states or different states.

[Text Source: Wikipedia / Creative Commons]

Release Notes:

+ Upgraded to LeadBolt 6.1
+ Fixed some performance issues

+ Fixed an issue with AppFire that handles application crash analytics

v1.0 - Initial Release
+ High Quality Mp3 Audio
+ Ability to play, pause and stop the anthem
+ Musical Note Included
+ Lyrics in Japanese, Romanized English and Translated English
+ History of the anthem included
+ Beautifully designed user interface
+ Very patriotic background with Japanese Flag
+ Completely free - but is ad supported.

Sri Lankan National Anthem (Android App)


Latest Version:

About this android app:
This app lets you play the patriotic national anthem of Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka Matha) on your android phone. Included sound quality is awesome. We have also provided lyrics in both Roman English form as well as translated English language.

You can play/pause or stop the Anthem. The sound keeps playing int he background as you are navigating through the application once you started it from the landing page. There is a history of anthem on who wrote it and how it began for those seekers of the knowledge.

If you play music, we have also provided musical notations in this app.
This is an app every Sri Lankan people should have on their android phone. Give it a try and give us feedbacks and suggestions for improvement.

SDK Support:
This app supports android devices with sdk 2.2 and above

Google Market Link:

Contact Us:
If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please contact us by sending us an email to contact AT sanjaal DOT com







About Sri Lankan National Anthem:
Sri Lanka Matha is the national anthem of Sri Lanka. The song was written and composed by the Ananda Samarakoon in 1940, and was later adopted as the national anthem in 1951. It was written when Sri Lanka was still a British colony and was initially written as a tribute to Sri Lanka, expressing sentiments of freedom, unity and independence, and not for the purpose of serving as a national anthem. The song however became very popular throughout the 1940s and when Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948 it was chosen to be the national anthem, 3 years later. The first independence day it was sung was in 1952. Ananda Samarakoon was Rabindranath Tagore’s student and the tune is influenced by Tagore’s genre of music.

The song was officially adopted as the national anthem of Ceylon on November 22, 1951, by a committee headed by Sir Edwin Wijeyeratne. The anthem was translated into the Tamil language by M. Nallathamby.

The first line of the anthem originally read: Namo Namo Matha, Apa Sri Lanka. There was some controversy over these words in the 1950s, and in 1961 they were changed to their present form, Sri Lanka Matha, Apa Sri Lanka, without Samarakoon’s consent. Samarakoon committed suicide in 1962 apparently due to the change in words.The Second Republican Constitution of 1978 gave Sri Lanka Matha constitutional recognition.

The Sri Lankan national anthem is one of a number that are sung in more than one language: Canada (English, French & Inuktitut), Belgium (French, Dutch & German), Switzerland (German, French, Italian & Romansh), South Africa (Xhosa, Zulu, Sesotho, Afrikaans & English), Suriname (Dutch and Sranan Tongo), and New Zealand (English & Maori). The majority of Sri Lankans (more than 80%) speak the Sinhala language and the Sinhala version is mainly used in Sri Lanka for public and private events. This version is the only version used during international sports and other events. Due to popularity of the song and it’s rich meaning, it’s being translated into several other languages. Although the Sinhala version of the anthem is used at official/state events, the Tamil translation is also sung at some events. The Tamil translation is used at official events held in the Tamil speaking regions in the North and East of Sri Lanka. The Tamil translation is sung at Tamil medium schools throughout the country. The Tamil translation was used even during the period when Sinhala was the only official language of the country (1956 – 87).

The Sri Lankan anthem’s tune is similar to a Hindu devotional song Jai Jagdish Hare. But No references still known about the co-incidence between both them. It is said that on Ananda Samarakoon’s request, Rabindranath Tagore wrote this song in Bengali, later translated by Ananda into Sinhala language.

[Text Source: Wikipedia / Creative Commons]

Release Notes:
+ Removed the Notification Bar advertisement to comply with Google’s app policy
+ Removed the Home Icon advertisement to comply with Google’s App Policy
+ Added feature to allow users to rate the app after certain usage
+ Modified the look to have golden background for buttons and some text fields
+ Added Special Offers section with recommendations of some free cool apps
+ Fixed some bugs that caused the app to crash on certain phones
+ LeadBolt 1.5a used