You Are Indian If – Android App


Latest Version:
1.6 – Released on 12/11/2013

About this android app:
From the developers of highly successful Indian National Anthem app on Google Market, here comes another Indian App packed with hilarious one liners about being Indian. Some are serious too !! This app is a must to laugh around with your friends. Just shake your phone or swipe your fingers or use our soft arrow button to generate funny and mostly truthful one liners about being Indian. Hamara Bhaart Mahaan, Hamaare Bhaaratiya Log Mahaan.

This app is intended for fun and entertainment purpose only and is in no way intended for offending any one. If you are offended with some of the statements in the App, please kindly uninstall the App.

Please leave your feedback and contact us if you have more of such funny one liner statements about being desi, being Indian – we will try to include them in our next release. We will even give you the credit.

Majority of the one liners are collected from Internet – while some of them is our own work. We have give proper credit to the original authors including the App Icon. Please visit our About Us tab on the application to know more about this.
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