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Sanjaal Corps and Developers at iCodeJava Labs have been working on a variety of smartphone apps based on android platform. The following is a list of our Android Apps that we have developed and is currently available on Google Market. Most of the Apps we have released are completely FREE. We might not be able to provide individual technical support in each of those apps but we do listen to your feedback and comments that you leave on our website or on the App page in the Google Play.

Note – Most of these apps are Advertisement Supported through LeadBolt.com. They have a provision to opt out in case you don’t want the ads to be displayed in our apps.

Android AppMarket LinkUpdatedVersion
Bangladeshi National AnthemClick11/20/131.8
Best Buddha QuotesClick12/11/131.8
Brazilian National AnthemClick12/11/131.6
Hindi Baby Name GeneratorClick
Indian National AnthemClick12/11/131.14
Indonesian National AnthemClick12/12/131.7
Japanese National AnthemClick11/20/131.3
Nepali Baby Name GeneratorClick11/08/121.2
Nepali Forex FreeClick11/18/131.6
Nepali Forex ProClick02/07/131.2
Nepali Lyrics ProClick10/10/131.7
Nepali National AnthemClick12/13/131.7
Nepali Ukhan TukkaClick12/13/131.9
Nepali Zonal MapsClick03/03/111.1
Pakistani National AnthemClick12/12/131.6
Sri Lankan National AnthemClick09/05/131.2
You Are Indian IfClick12/11/131.6
You Are Nepali IfClick09/14/131.4

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